Our Services

Our services encompass a wide range of tasks that are vital for maintaining accurate financial records. Lion ensures that all financial information is organized, up-to-date, and properly documented, allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on their financial data.

MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse
MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse
  • Recording daily financial transactions

  • Accounts payable management

  • Accounts receivable management

  • Income recording

  • Expense tracking

  • Reconciling bank statements

  • Payroll processing

  • Customized Reporting

  • Producing financial reports

  • Record cleanup

  • And much more.... We customize each packages tailored to meet the unique need of each client


Lion uses a unique statistical valuation pricing model which analyzes your business and its specific needs. This ensures you are not being grouped into a pricing tier for one specific service and not utilizing the full benefit of the tier. Each package and pricing is customized for each client. This can range from $150 and up. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.